GM Korea soon will officially put to rest its former name, GM Daewoo Auto & Technology, but some corporate offices and dealerships will have to catch up on the new corporate logo.

The switch to GM Korea, which includes a bold ouster of the Daewoo badge on nearly all cars in favor of Chevrolet, occurs March 1. Due to the scale of the change, some buildings, including GM Korea’s headquarters, will not make the deadline and continue to carry the old GMDAT logo in the meantime.

“It’s a very big job completely changing corporate identity,” a spokesman for GM Korea tells Ward’s. “We will have new signage on our main buildings sometime early in March, but not by March 1. At other facilities, we are working to have new signage in place by the end of March.”

Dealers also will remove former GM Daewoo signage and replace it with GM Korea and Chevrolet, but not all at once.

Some larger dealerships will have new signs by March 1, while others will lag behind with a target of the month’s end. GM Korea will pay for signage changes at dealerships.

“We are working hard on changing everything – all of our corporate stationery, letterheads, business cards, order forms, service manuals,” the spokesman says. “It’s a very big job.”

In the assembly plants, no Daewoo badges remain in stock. Going forward from March 1, every vehicle assembled, except the Alpheon luxury car, receives the Chevrolet insignia. That, too, is a major undertaking, because vehicles contain brand identifiers in numerous locations, such as the grille, trunk, dash and steering wheel hub.

The Alpheon has its own special badge and will stay in a class by itself.

GM Korea President and CEO Michael Arcamone recently announced the name change, defining new corporate terminology and showing the new corporate logo.

Many analysts anticipated a public backlash over the switch to Chevrolet, effectively replacing the old Korean company with an American identity. However, the conversion has gone smoothly and won the support of workers and their union.

GM Korea has rolled out three new Chevrolets in Korea this year – the Orlando, Camaro and Aveo (Sonic in U.S.). Public enthusiasm has been strong. GM Korea will roll out another five new vehicles with the bow-tie badge before year-end.