General Motors Corp. says customers who purchase ’06 or ’07 vehicles equipped with adaptive mobility technology will receive two years of standard OnStar service free in addition to the first year of service included with all OnStar-equipped vehicles.

Adaptive mobility technology falls under the auspices of the GM Mobility Program, established in 1991 to assist people with disabilities with their transportation needs, GM says.

Under the program, GM reimburses customers up to $1,000 when they buy or lease a new vehicle and equip it with one or more of 35 eligible aftermarket mobility products, including hand controls, scooter hoists or wheelchair lifts.

The new offer for two years of free OnStar service will be made available to customers who equip their vehicles with the Sit-N-Lift power seat, new OnStar TTY (teletypewriter) equipment or aftermarket adaptive products through the GM Mobility Reimbursement Program.