For years critics have charged that General Motors Corp. doesn’t understand the most fundamental rule of the auto business: it’s all about the product. Now, GM’s public relations staffers say the automaker is actively out there trying to show the automaker now “Get’s it” with the hiring of Robert Lutz to champion new product development and top executives constantly referring to the importance of good products to GM’s overall success.

On Friday, Bo Andersson, Executive in Charge of General Motors Corp.’s Worldwide Purchasing, completed the GM top executive trilogy of praising the hiring of Mr. Lutz, talking about GM’s new products and, in unscripted comments, pointed out that pop singer Whitney Houston recently bought two Cadillac Escalades for $55,000 apiece.

Earlier, GM Vice Chairman & Chief Financial Officer John M. Devine spent a good part of his presentation praising the hiring of Robert Lutz to head up product planning and talking about product.

Gary L. Cowger, General Motors Corp.’s Group Vice President, manufacturing and Labor Relations, also jumped on the bandwagon in his presentation on Thursday, playing Jennifer Lopez’s hit song “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” where she mentions the Cadillac Escalade SUV. “This vehicle is cool!” he enthuses. However, critics were quick to point out that Lincoln Navigator is a bit more difficult to rhyme.