General Motors Corp. plans to rename two pickups, the Chevy S-10 and Sierra C3, as part of brand management moves aimed at clarifying marketplace positioning and recognition, Ward's AutoWorld has learned. The S-10 will be renamed Colorado, keeping in line with other rugged Chevy brand names such as Silverado and Avalanche. The all-new version, codenamed GMT355, debuts as an '03 model in 2002. The Sierra C3 performance pickup, introduced in late 2000, will be renamed Sierra Denali, probably beginning with the '02 model year, although there are some indications the changeover could happen sooner. Spokesmen for Chevy and Pontiac-GMC decline to comment, but the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Web site confirms GM registered the Colorado name Feb. 2, 2000. Volkswagen AG was using the same name internally for its upcoming sport/utility vehicle due in 2003. A VW spokesman says Colorado was used only as a codename for a short period and has since been dropped.