General Motors Corp. restates its 2005 financial results, saying it lost $10.6 billion for the year vs. the previously reported $8.6 billion.

The auto maker also expects its 2005 North American restructuring charge to change from $1.3 billion after tax to $1.7 billion, “due to an increase in the provision for employee costs at facilities where GM plans to cease production” the company says.

Charges relating to supplier Delphi Corp.’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing are increased to $3.6 billion ($5.5 billion before tax) from $2.3 billion ($3.6 billion before tax) previously.

GM also blames an accounting error relating to its General Motors Acceptance Corp. residential mortgage subsidiary, ResCap, for having to restate results for the past six fiscal years.

“The ResCap accounting issue relates to the erroneous classification of cash flows from certain mortgage loan classifications as cash flows from operations instead of cash flows from investing activities,” GM says in a statement.

GM says while a review is not yet complete, net income will not be affected, nor will “the balance sheet presentation.”

GM will delay filing its annual 10-K form with the Securities and Exchange Commission because of this issue, the company says.