More stories related to New York Auto Show NEW YORK – General Motors Corp. is bristling at suggestions its new Pontiac G6 is a marketplace flop.

Pontiac G6 sales have started slowly, GM has had to idle the assembly plant making the car to reduce inventories and incentives reportedly already top $3,600.

But the auto maker remains confident the model will overcome its uneven launch.

“Both the Pontiac G6 and Chevrolet Cobalt will outsell the entire Scion line, which everyone says is a success,” predicts Mark LaNeve, vice president-sales service and marketing.

G6 is outselling Grand Am 6-cyl., GM says.

“We’re not going to change our strategy,” he adds, strongly disputing criticism either is foundering.

The 6-cyl. G6 is outselling the 6-cyl. version of its Grand Am predecessor, LaNeve says. What’s more the average transaction price for the G6 is $5,000 higher than it was for Grand Am, he adds.

“I wish the day’s supply of the G6 was 60 days instead of 100,” LaNeve admits. But he blames the bulging inventories on launching the car too early, before all the variants were ready for the market.

“I would have delayed G6 or slowed down production,” he says.

LaNeve, on hand for the auto show here, concedes the G6 won’t outsell the Grand Am overall, but he attributes this to a reduction in unprofitable fleet sales.

“We sold nearly 100,000 units of Grand Am to fleets last year,” he says.

LaNeve, who is new in his post, says there are no strategies in the works to resize GM.

“There’s been no discussion to drop any brand,” he says. “We are discussing what’s the role and scope of each brand.”

He says Chevrolet is going to be present in all the big segments and Cadillac eventually will become a more significant player overseas. “However, we need to do a tight focus on Pontiac, Saturn and Saab,” he says.

His goal in the next six months is to position the brands where they should be. Then he wants sales growth.

“We’ll do better in ’06 than in ’05, and we’ll do better in ’07 than in ’06,” LaNeve forecasts.

“Even in a flat unit market our revenue will be up,” he says.