General Motors Corp. expects a loyal following, but not necessarily mass appeal for its new Pontiac Aztek, a crossover “sports activity vehicle” that debuts in two months.

Sales predictions are 50,000-70,000 units a year, says Mark Reuss, vehicle line executive. That's not a huge amount by GM standards, but enough to make a bold statement that Pontiac is in the crossover game.

“It's a new market so it's risky to predict how many we'll actually sell,” says Mr. Reuss.

The Aztek, which sits on a modified version of the Montana minivan platform, also shares that vehicle's 3.4L V-6.

Front-wheel-drive Azteks hit the market in June. The vehicle will base at $21,195, with the GT version starting at $24,995. An all-wheel-drive rendition is due out in January. Pricing for that has yet to be announced.

The impending AWD model will feature a new Versatrak system designed to help the driver make use of available traction by not only transferring torque from front to rear, but also from side to side between the rear wheels.