FRANKFURT – The unveil of the Opel Insignia concept here started with a tease: a grille surrounded by billowing cloth and fogs of dry ice.

It looked, strikingly, like a Chrysler grille – and the unveil a day later of the Chrysler 300 C Touring, hammered home the point.

Opel Insignia concept grille bears similarity to Chrysler design.

Martin Smith, head of Adam Opel AG design, tells Ward’s people may be drawing the similarity because of the scale of the grille on the Insignia (similar in dimensions to the Chrysler grille), compared with the thin horizontal grille that marks most Opels.

“We wanted to be more bold and vertical. Any similarity to Chrysler, I don’t really see,” says Smith.

But, he adds: “If people are commenting on it, we’ll have to address it. We’ll look at it.”

The similarity falls on the heels of a court battle launched by DaimlerChrysler AG against General Motors Corp., in which DC contended GM’s Hummer H2 SUV sports a 7-slotted grille that is similar to the trademark grille design on Jeep-brand vehicles.