Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda met a slew of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealers in a whirlwind tour covering eight cities in four days.

“They were great meetings,” he tells Ward's. “We said, ‘Here's what is going on,’ and heard their concerns. It was a great dialogue.”

Many Chrysler Group dealers have complained of the auto maker pushing too much inventory on them.

It was no surprise that they shared that gripe during their sessions with LaSorda. Alluding to the issue when asked what dealers asked him at the meetings, LaSorda quips: “What do you think?”

He vows to “get to reasonable inventories.” He says he welcomes the day when the high-inventory controversy “will be an old story.”

He adds: “Some dealers are doing OK, some are great and some aren't happy. Bottom line: retail profitability is an issue; we want dealers to be making money.”