The Automotive Hall of Fame has awarded its 2009 Distinguished Service Citation to Mark Schienberg, president of the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Assn.

The citation, dating to 1940 and the Hall's oldest award, recognizes industry contributions. In receiving the award, Schienberg joins the ranks of automotive leaders such as James Press, Thomas LaSorda, Bob Lutz, and Roger Penske.

Schienberg has run the New York group since 1986. It has grown into one of the most influential trade associations in the country, representing 650 new-car dealers.

Schienberg spearheaded the ground-breaking $28 million Center for Automotive Education & Training in New York City. The 90,000-sq.-ft. facility trains students for dealership careers. Educators, dealers, auto makers and legislators have lauded it.

Schienberg also runs the New York International Automobile Show. It's been transformed from a regional event into a major trade gathering and the largest-attended auto show in the country.