The Automotive Hall of Fame has seven new members, and all of them carved out successful niches from the industry during its formative years. New members include:

  • Andy Granatelli, a race promoter, owner, designer, engineer and marketer of aftermarket products.
  • Max Hoffman, who was the first major distributor of imported vehicles in the U.S.
  • Sir Alec Issigonis, an automotive engineer best-known for creating the Austin and Morris Mini.
  • Henry B. Joy, former president of Packard who helped to establish it as one of America's first luxury brands.
  • J. Edward Lundy, former CFO of Ford Motor Co., credited with helping Henry Ford II save the auto maker after it nearly went bankrupt.
  • Henry A. Miller, a pioneer of light alloy metals, aerodynamics, supercharging and front-wheel and 4-wheel drive.
  • Louis Renault, who founded Renault SA with his two older brothers in 1899 and grew the company into one of France's largest auto makers.

All of the men, except for Granatelli and Lundy, are deceased.

A formal induction ceremony will be held in October at the Hall of Fame in Dearborn, MI.