More stories related to New York Auto Show NEW YORK – People interested in purchasing either the Toyota Highlander Hybrid or Lexus RX 400h hybrid cross/utility vehicle are multiplying.

Lexus Div.’s Mark Templin, vice president-sales and marketing, says pre-orders for the RX 400h amount to 13,000 some three weeks before its on-sale date.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

A Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. spokesman says there are some 90,000-100,000 hand-raisers (people interested in knowing more about the model) in advance of the 400h’s April 15 on-sale date.

There are another 150,000 hand-raisers for the Highlander Hybrid that goes on sale in June, the spokesman says here at the New York International Auto Show.

Because of its larger sales volume, Toyota does not track pre-orders.

Toyota reportedly is planning to produce 62,000 of the two hybrids this year at its Kyushu, Japan, plant, with the majority slated for sale in North America.

Meanwhile, Templin says a decision on whether Lexus will proceed with a production version of its LF-A super sportscar concept, shown at this year’s Detroit auto show, has not been made.

“It may be awhile before we make any decisions,” says Templin. However, he says Lexus is hearing a “lot of ‘yes’ votes” in favor of an LF-A production model.