The Teleflex Automotive Group unveils a new adjustable pedal assembly that moves the brake, clutch (where necessary) and accelerator pedals in unison up to 3 ins. (76 mm), permitting shorter drivers more clearance from air bags. The unit also can benefit tall drivers and everyone in between, but it answers a major safety consideration by distancing short drivers and/or pregnant women from the air bag module without reducing their ability to control the vehicle.

Teleflex Marketing Manager Major Murray says the device will be offered as standard equipment on a 1999 model sport/utility vehicle (SUV), with several other applications under way for early in the 21st century. It'll be standard in the '99 Lincoln Navigator and optional on the '99 Ford Expedition.

Adjustable pedal assemblies are not new. Pontiac tried them in 1972, but the idea died quickly, says Mr. Murray. In those days, the innovation was considered a novelty. Now it has significant safety and other benefits.