HomeNet, Inc., an Internet auto inventory firm and GetAutoAppraise.com formed a partnership that allows consumers who are shopping online for a new car to get an instant NADA guide appraisal on the trade-in value of their old vehicle.

HomeNet is integrating the GetAutoAppraise features with its software to facilitate the listing of inventory online for over 15,000 auto dealerships nationwide.

Consumers may also upload unlimited photos and videos of their trade-in.

“If a shopper on your site is sending you pictures of their trade-in, what they're really saying is, ‘You have a car on your lot that I want,’” says Barry Brodsky of GetAutoAppraise.com.

For a monthly fee, dealers may also add their own, custom rebates, coupons, and other incentives.

“We believe dealers who add this feature to their Web IOL subscription will close more deals more quickly,” says Neal Gann, HomeNet's director of development.