Honda says it will see North American production volume increase to 100% of plan by August.

This excludes the new, ’12 Civic, however.

“The light at the end of the tunnel is glowing brighter for us, represented by this significant improvement in our production situation,” John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda, says in a statement.

Honda’s North American production had been reduced due to parts shortages stemming from Japan’s earthquake and tsunami in March.

Honda models returning to 100% output in August, on a “step-by-step, plant-by-plant, model-by-model basis,” include the 4-cyl. Accord, CR-V and Acura RDX.

The V-6 version of the Accord, and all other Honda and Acura V-6 models will follow.

The ’12 Civic still is experiencing a shortage of key parts, but is on track to resume full production by fall, the auto maker says.

Honda earlier stated ’12 Civic builds would be reduced through “at least the summer months,” and expected the compact in 2011 to fall short of last year’s 260,218-unit sales in the U.S. due to lower inventory.