Until now, General Motors Co. effectively has been out of auto leasing for a year. But how have its vehicles done on the secondary lease market?

Keeping track has been LeaseTrader.com, a firm that brokers deals in which people wanting to get out of leases early hooks up with other consumers who take possession of the vehicles and cover the remainder of the monthly payments.

Following is a performance comparison of each leading GM brand/model according to customer activity on LeaseTrader.com during the past 12 months:

“It has always been imperative for GM to reintroduce car leasing programs for the millions of people that see leasing as the best fit for their automotive needs,” says Sergio Stiberman, LeaseTrader's CEO and founder.

Many of the brands and models in the GM family have increased in popularity in the secondary lease marketplace because leasing remains desirable for so many consumers, he says.

“Millions of people enjoy the short-term options leasing offers and the ability to enjoy driving different vehicles more frequently, despite the economic conditions and finance incentives,” he says.

He predicts GM's decision to return to leasing will result in higher inventory turnover “because more options are always beneficial to the consumer and to the health of the industry.”

July 2009 compared to July 2008
Cadillac Escalade +22%
Cadillac CTS +13%
Cadillac STS -2%
Chevy Tahoe +14%
Chevrolet Corvette +9%
Chevy Malibu -3%
Buick Enclave +18%
Buick LaCrosse +2%
GMC Arcadia +14%
GMC Yukon +8%