Putting in a good word (actually several good words) for dealers is Finbarr O'Neill, CEO of Hyundai Motor America.

He says in a Detroit speech, “Not too long ago, people were talking about dealers as dinosaurs in our high-speed, Internet-connected world. Dealers had to change or die.

“Well, the retail highway is littered with the carcasses of wholesale guys who thought they knew retail. Dealers are not only entrepreneurs. They are immensely adaptable. They are agents of change. Just see how they have adapted to the Internet and the consolidation trend.

“I believe the current dealership system serves the customers and Hyundai well. We are committed to selling cars and trucks through this system and are produ to be associated with our 528 dealer partners.

“It is because of their hard work and effort that we have been able to increase our sales so dramatically.”