Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd. met with its labor union Friday morning (South Korea time) without making any progress toward reaching a new collective-bargaining agreement.

The union then held partial strikes of three hours each on the day and evening shifts, resulting in six hours of lost production.

The work reduction caused a production loss of 4,085 vehicles, valued at 62.7 billion won ($57.6 million).

So far the seven rounds of partial strikes have caused production losses of 25,819 vehicles valued at 397.2 billion won (364.9 million).

No meetings are planned for the weekend, and the union states on its website that it will strike twice next week.

The union will call partial strikes of four hours each on the day and evening shifts on Tuesday, Sept. 2, and repeat the four hour per shift strike action again on Wednesday.

The union says it will continue the partial strikes indefinitely until Hyundai management fully meets all of its demands.

A sticking point is the union proposal that the current 10-hour 2-shift work program be replaced by an 8-hour day and 8-hour afternoon shift with no loss in wages.

No further talks are scheduled at this time.