IBM is helping Mazda North America Operations transform the way customers buy automotive accessories and service through a Web presence able to respond to market shifts within 15 minutes.

As a result, Mazda says it is reducing costs, saving customers time and helping to drive new revenue for itself and its 600 U.S. dealers.

The auto maker is working with IBM to make available an easy-to-use template that helps dealers develop a branded and customized website in as little as 15 minutes.

Dealers then will be able to over time add content and sales incentives, including product descriptions, coupons, promotions and links to social networking sites. The result is an increase in both sales as well as customer traffic in dealer showrooms, says James DiMarzio, MNAO's chief information officer.

“Besides driving new sales and giving customers greater convenience in buying accessories and scheduling service, the strong online presence provides a solid link to Mazda's corporate branding while advancing the dealership's own identity at the regional and community levels,” he says.

By linking to Mazda's parts-distribution centers, dealers can access an online catalog of more than 8,000 individual products that is continually updated. The system is designed as a “just-in-time” inventory model that lets dealers reduce the number of items they need to keep in stock.


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