The Problem: Getting our used-car customers to bring their vehicles into our service department, otherwise missing a large segment of potential business.

We seemed to concentrate all of our efforts on new-vehicle customers. We needed some type of discount or incentive to get our used-car customers back into our dealership for service work.

The Solution: The Preferred Customer Savings Card.

We now mail each customer who purchases a used vehicle from us a card for discounts on oil changes. The first trip gets a $5 discount, the second trip a $10 discount and the third is free.

We wanted to establish a service relationship with the customer and for them to feel comfortable with us. By the third trip in with the free oil change we are able to follow up on other necessary repairs as per our maintenance schedules. Our customer oil changes are scheduled every 3000 miles.

The Results: A good increase in the service department with used-car customers.

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