Recently we completed the newest addition to our home page. Employment opportunities can now be accessed from our opening page. We have already had a great response to this page of our website.

After clicking on "employment opportunities," the candidate views a list of positions at the dealership. They are then instructed to select their preference of current employment openings. The next page details information about that particular position.

Once the individual decides on the position in which he or she is interested, they then click on the next icon, which takes them to a page that has a mini-application. They give us general information, and also tell us more about themselves in three different categories: qualifications, special skills and work experience. Once the individual submits the form, we thank them for their interest in applying with our company.

As with any Internet correspondence, it is imperative to respond quickly. Because these respondents contact us through our website, we believe we have increased our opportunity to attract a higher-caliber applicant.

We received 25 applications in the first 30 days of operation and have already employed two people as a direct result of their inquiry at our web site. We expect a great reduction in the cost of advertising for applicants in the newspaper. As employment remains extremely high, this should certainly give us a competitive edge in the recruiting of quality people.

Idea Time is a feature of NCM Associates, Inc., using ideas provided by dealers participating in 20 Groups.