We had problems in the shop and our parts & service director thought it would be a good idea to meet with all the techs for lunch, without any management, to talk about their needs and problems.

After a series of meetings, we developed a list of needed equipment that we agreed to purchase. We also identified some management and process problems we are cleaning up.

This worked so well that we decided to do it with the sales people. Our GSM scheduled two lunches for the sales people. He solicited their input on progress in the last year and any suggestions for improvement. Again, no other managers were invited. He reviewed our sales forecast for the year as well as our advertising plans. He then asked for their input and listed the items. After the meeting he purified the input and we ended up with 56 action items.

We are working them through now.

This is a simple productive technique that can yield great benefits.

It is so easy! All you need in a desire to change.

Idea Time is a feature of NCM Associates, Inc., using ideas provided by dealers participating in 20 Groups.