The monthly Consumer Satisfaction Index report helps us analyze the effectiveness of our operations. But one problem with the report, particularly with service, is the high number of customers each month. This makes it difficult to remember who had a bad experience and gave us bad scores, and who had an excellent experience and gave us excellent scores.

We developed a system that helps us identify these customers the next time they come in for service. Through our ADP system, we set up two service operation codes.

One is "THANKS," which displays "Thanks for your last CSI score," and the other being "CSI," which displays "Update customer on CSI scoring."

The ADP system has the capabilities of holding a quote for a customer without an appointment. If a customer gives all excellent on the CSI report, then we set up a quote with the op code "THANKS."

If a customer gives us a bad score, then we set up a quote with the op code "CSI." The next time the customer calls for an appointment, the quote is pulled to the appointment which is printed on the pre-work order.

Therefore, the service advisor is reminded how that particular customer scored us on the last service visit. This enables the service advisor either to personally thank the customer for the excellent score, or to work a little harder for an excellent score.

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