A major auto supplier has just the car for people who like the 1953 vintage look of the original Chevrolet Corvette but want modern conveniences.

It's the “Commemorative Edition Corvette,” produced by Magna Steyr, a division of Magna International that wants to become a contract assembler of specialty niche vehicles.

To prove its capabilities, Magna engineers took a new Corvette and redesigned it to look like the first edition from nearly 50 years ago. The headlights, the grille and the back end look like a '53 'Vette, but it has modern features like heated seats, air bags, a 350-hp V-8 and a great sound system.

Magna says it could build up to 5,000 units a year, but General Motors hasn't signed on yet. The vehicle has been on display here and there, including Albuquerque, NM where Magna got offers of $135,000 — and two Harley Davidson motorcycles thrown in to sweeten the offer. One enthusiast even offered a trade: his wife for the car.