An auto journalist from Massachusetts once told me it’s unusual that so many people in this town refer to the Ford Motor Co. as Ford’s, in the possessive sense.

She thought it sounded quaint, like the Ford family still owns the company. Well, in a sense it still does, as we -- and as Jac Nasser – learned the other day.

Granted the Fords don’t outright own Ford’s…or, um, Ford. They opted for it to become publicly held some years ago. If it stayed private, tax laws would have gradually put them out of business.

But the Fords hold a lot of stock in the company – obviously enough for William Clay Ford Jr. to become the new CEO.

And he’s not a bad choice for the job. The Fords really are different. It was once said that the only accomplishments of the Dodge family offspring was their ability to stay atop a polo pony while drunk.

But Henry Ford’s descendants possess a strong work ethic. They take their family business heritage very seriously. And periodically they show us who’s in charge.