Special Coverage

NADA Convention & Exposition

LAS VEGAS – Today’s challenging times are nothing new for the automotive industry.

Auto makers and dealers have faced tough times in the past and managed to overcome them, outgoing 2006 National Automobile Dealers Assn. Chairman William Bradshaw tells attendees at the annual NADA conference here.

“We can overcome them the same way,” he says, “by combining optimistic attitude with resilience of the automobile maker and innovation by NADA.”

Bradshaw recalls the 1930s, when America was in the midst of the Great Depression, as an example of difficult times the industry survived.

Bradshaw makes his remarks as he presents Jenny Wegner, owner of Wegner Auto Co. of Pierre, SD, with NADA’s Century Award. Wegner’s great-grandfather H.J. Wegner founded Wegner Auto in 1907.

Much like Wegner Auto, Bradshaw says the industry continues to shine a century later.

“After 100 years, our franchises are alive and well and stronger than ever, and we’re ready to tackle the next 100 years,” he says.