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Ward’s Auto Interiors Show

Defining a spectacular vehicle interior is subjective business. Different people like different things.

Some buyers think high-sheen piano black adds a unique touch of class, while others see a magnifying glass for annoying fingerprints. Some consumers can’t tolerate fuzzy rat-fur headliners, while others never look up. Some folks can’t survive without something to clutch their Red Bull, while driving enthusiasts view cupholders as frivolous.

As difficult as it is to identify the specific components that make up a world-class interior, there are many givens: Seams must be flush, seats must be comfortable, materials must be durable, information must be accessible, noise must be minimized, space must be ample and styling must make a statement.

The winners of the 2008 Ward’s Interior of the Year Awards check all of these boxes and more.

Ward’s editors served as judges for the competition, evaluating 36 vehicles in March and April. The pool consisted of completely new vehicles or existing models that received significant interior redesigns for ’08.

Editors submitted score sheets ranking the materials selected, ergonomics, safety, value, comfort, fit-and-finish and design harmony for each vehicle evaluated. Points also were awarded based on a driver’s ability to quickly access vital information, such as navigation routes, diagnostic data and fuel economy.