MILAN – Gioachino Acampora, an emerging Italian architect and designer will present a range of mini-wagons at the Geneva auto show next month based on the trend-setting Mini owned by BMW AG.

Acampora’s mini-wagons do not carry the Mini logo but rather that of “Castagna-Milano,” one of the famed Italian coachbuilders of the past century that Acampora hopes to revitalize.

The show-version Castagna mini-wagons will be fully drivable and can be tailored to the customer’s request.

Castagna-Milano mini wagon is based on Mini.

Acampora, who spends half his time designing buildings, decided to invest both time and money in the mini-wagon project after realizing many car enthusiasts share his passion for the Mini.

In fashion-conscious Milan, the Mini is so popular that there is a strong demand for custom versions. Famed fashion designer Missoni is among the many celebrities who already have purchased one of Acampora’s cars.

The Missoni Castagna mini-wagon will be exhibited at the Geneva show, alongside another custom design, called the “Woody,” and a mini SUV-style vehicle with larger wheels and a longer suspension.

BMW, meanwhile, plans to unveil its own new Mini variant sometime next year.