Penninger Introduces Circuit Tester

A semiautomatic circuit testing system for insert molded parts that verifies continuity and Hi-Pot conditions has been developed by Penninger Machine Corp., St. Charles, IL. Tested in the field for more than five years, and nicknamed PAT (Penninger Auto-Tester), this system can act as a continuity/Hi-Pot tester and simultaneously control associated devices or machines independently. PAT handles up to 18 circuits for up to nine different insert molded parts. The circuit testing system has a plug-and-play capability to simplify setups for up to eight different part programs.

Ward's Info No. 201

Ticona Unveils Power Seat Belt Transmission

In developing the first motorized automotive seat belt height adjuster, AlliedSignal Safety Restraint Systems (SRS) has taken advantage of the mechanical strength and moldability of Celcon acetal copolymer to develop a gear set that bears high power loads yet is one-fifth the size required for a conventional gear set to do the same job. Consisting of 14 injection-molded acetal gears, the cylindrical speed-reducing transmission is only 1.44 in. (3.66 cm) in diameter and weighs just 1.5 oz. (42.5 g), but it transmits motion from a DC motor rated at 12-oz.-in. of torque. The power seat-belt adjuster, designed by Michael Spisz and Michael Moore of SRS, is installed in the "all-belts-to-seat" environment of the 1997 C-Body Buick Park Avenue.

Ward's Info No. 202

Panasonic Offers

New Welding System

Panasonic Factory Automation has introduced the Gunslinger 260 welding system that for the first time in a low priced machine offers welders both GMAW and SMAW welding capabilities from a single power source. In addition to a 260 amp MIG that enables welding of thicker materials than standard 250 amp power sources, the welder receives the application flexibility of 150 amp stick welding within the same power source at no added cost, says the company. Other features of the Gunslinger 260 include: gas purge button; higher duty cycle and power output; 208/230/460 multi-voltage single-phase input; solid state contactor; SRC-controlled output; wire inch button; spool gun ready; and "hot start," which ensures optimum arc starts and cuts lost labor time to remove spatter.

Ward's Info No. 203

Transom Releases New Simulation Software

Transom Technologies Inc. releases Transom Jack Version 1.2, an updated version of its human modeling and behavioral simulation software. TJ includes a number of enhancements that improve the software's ability to use CAD/CAM data, simulate people interacting with machines and workspaces, and communicate the results of those analyses, says Transom. The software's ability to work with CAD/CAM data has been improved by incorporating leading-edge geometry reduction technology. The new feature, called Decimate, was developed by GE Corporate Research & Development. Decimate reduces the geometry in CAD/CAM models so they can be used for visual simulation.

Ward's Info No. 204