Ford Motor Co. will have a "broader investment footprint" in the near future at its Atlanta assembly plant, Ford Chief Executive Jac Nasser tells shareholders at last month's annual meeting. He says the company is in the early stages of putting together a plan to outline the future of the plant. "Atlanta is one of our best plants," Mr. Nasser says. "The future of Atlanta is very assured." Current plans call for Ford to consolidate Taurus production in Atlanta for the '04 model year, a move that likely would mean an expansion of some sort and the creation of several hundred jobs. The strategy, however, would leave the current Chicago Taurus plant without a product. Plans call for Sable to be replaced with a "tall car" in the Mercury lineup, a cross between a Subaru wagon and a car, Ford sources say. It's currently slated for Volvo's "P2" platform, as is the next Taurus.