For the fifth year in a row, gives Jaguar its best certified used-car program award in the luxury category.

Volkswagen received its second recognition from for best non-luxury program., a consumer automotive-data resource, initiated its certified pre-owned program awards seven years ago due to the growth of the segment and consumer demand for comprehensive analysis.

IntelliChoice estimates 1.6 million certified used vehicles will be sold in 2005, about 10% of the total automotive sales market. Most major auto makers now have certified programs.

“Certified pre-owned vehicles sales continue to gain momentum and have secured a significant and valuable place in the automotive landscape,” says James Bell, publisher of

Certified programs are rated on a set of criteria that consumers identify as having the most value.

Those include extended manufacturer warranties, title verification, certification inspection process and roadside assistance in addition to special financing and return exchange policies.

The top five rated programs in each class for 2006 are:
Luxury Non-luxury
1. Jaguar 1. Volkswagen
2. Volvo 2. Mazda
3. Cadillac 3. Honda
4. Saab 4. Toyota
5. Audi 5. Ford/Mercury