Some Japanese auto makers are extending through the end of this week assembly and component plant shutdowns caused by the earthquake and tsunami that hit the country March 11.

Honda, which previously had announced it would suspend vehicle production at its Sayama and Suzuka plants through tomorrow, now says it will keep the operations closed through Sunday. No decision has been made whether output will be resumed Monday, March 28.

Mitsubishi, which renewed limited operations at its Okazaki, Mizushima and Sakahogi plants on March 16, 17 and 22, will again suspend production at the three plants tomorrow and at Okazaki and Mizushima on Thursday. The auto maker will reopen the Sakahogi plant, the manufacturing base for its Pajero SUV, Thursday.

No decision has been made about operations on or after March 25.

Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) will continue a suspension of vehicle, engine and transmission production at its Gumma main, Gumma Yajima, Gumma Ota-North, Gumma Oizumi and Isesaki plants through Thursday. No decision has been made regarding an eventual start-up date.

Bucking the trend, Nissan still hopes to resume limited production at its Oppama, Tochigi, Kyushu and Hiratsuka factories March 24. The auto maker will begin component production for overseas plants tomorrow.

Toyota will continue to idle Japanese vehicle plants through Saturday, March 26. Component output for overseas plants, which began on March 21, will continue.

Isuzu reports its Fujisawa and Tochigi truck plants are ready to resume production but provides no start-up dates.

Hino will not reopen its Hamura plant until Monday, at the earliest. Meanwhile, the Hino and Nitto plants will remain idled at least through tomorrow.