Jeep is the tenth best selling brand in the auto industry, according to Jim Schroer, DaimlerChrysler Corp. executive vice president-sales and marketing.

“We're No.10 with only three vehicles: Wrangler, Cherokee (soon to be replaced by Liberty) and Grand Cherokee,” notes Mr. Schroer. “But three is not enough.”

“We need a segment buster,” Mr. Schroer says of yet another Jeep in the line, without pinpointing what it would be.

“We're going to do more varieties of vehicles on the Jeep theme. Watch next year's auto shows to see some of those varieties,” he says.

Yet another Jeep and a redesigned Grand Cherokee are on Mr. Schroer's priority list, but not at the top of it.

“With all the conflict of late (merger fallout, restructuring the Chrysler Group and management shakeup), our biggest short-term challenge is to get our showroom folks proud of what we sell again. Dealers have been very conservative and cautious in their ordering during all the conflict that's been going on and I can't blame them.”