Keeping technicians happy in this age of continuous upgrading is a big job for many service managers.

Of course, a primary job of the service managers is to find and hire future technicians with the right stuff. Many service managers are happy to hire a tech from a competitor. If that technician happens to be a specialist in a particular field, so much the better.

Everyday there are advertisements placed in different cities and states to "woo" prospective technicians to try their wrench at another dealership.

If you are looking to fill a vacancy, obvious things to weigh in are: How is the quality of his work? Is he fast? Is he good? Is he both? What kind of pay system is he on and what does he prefer?

Sometimes, heck, most times, pay plans will weigh heavily on whether a technician jumps to another store.

Money doesn't buy everything. However, a kind word and a pat on the back will not close a wide gap in pay discrepancy.