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Frankfurt Auto Show

Kia releases photos of its much-anticipated GT concept car, the auto maker’s first 4-door sports sedan concept.

It features a rear-drive layout, suicide rear doors and seating for four. The GT rests on what Kia says is an exceptionally long wheelbase and is powered by a large-displacement turbocharged engine.

The sleek muscle car is paving the way for an evolving generation of high-styled, sporty vehicles that are in Kia’s future, a spokesman says.

The Kia GT concept will hold center stage at the Frankfurt auto show next week. It will be flanked by the ʼ12 Rio 3-door hatchback, which also makes its global debut at Frankfurt.

Kia officials earlier told WardsAuto a coupe version of the GT also is possible, but has not been green-lighted.

Although the show car is considered a concept, Kia is planning to launch production of a RWD car in May.