VIENNA – Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM Power Sports AG will unveil its first sports car named the X-Bow at the Geneva auto show in March.

The 2-seater, designed by Austria’s Kiska GmbH, will be powered by Audi AG’s 4-cyl. FSI turbo engine. A carbon-fiber core allows the X-Bow to tip the scales at just 1,540 lbs. (700 kg).

The base model X-Bow will achieve 220 hp, while a souped-up version will develop 300 hp. Pricing will start at about €40,000 ($52,800).

KTM says initial testing shows the vehicle’s 0-62 mph (100 km/h) acceleration “should be comfortably under four seconds.”

The first 100 units of the X-Bow will be manufactured by Italian development partner Dallara Automobili SpA and sold by KTM.

Depending on public reaction to the vehicle, KTM says it will decide on further small series production by the end of April. Production is expected to begin in Austria in late 2008. Only 500 units are to be manufactured annually.