Members of 10 United Auto Workers locals in Michigan, Indiana, Alabama and Ohio have asked the FBI and Labor Dept. to investigate the union for what they contend was “potentially illegal collaboration between the automakers and union officials to buy labor peace,” according to an article in the May 17 Detroit Free Press. The alleged unholy automaker-union alliance included payment for hours not worked, nepotism and the disregarding of health and safety standards within plants, the disgruntled members say. They add that UAW officials have not taken their complaints seriously, forcing them to seek help outside of the organization. Some of the members belong or were once associated with a dissident movement called New Directions that in the late 1980s and early 1990s attempted to fight the UAW's one-party political system. However, many of the issues have been raised by veteran rank-and-file workers who say UAW officials care more about company profits than the welfare of union members. Neither automakers nor UAW officials are commenting on the matter.