Amy Sorenson recalls feeling irked at not getting any sort of thanks from a real estate agent.

“When we built a new house, he had to do nothing other than sign his name and come to the office to get his commission. When he got it, we got nary a phone call,” says Sorenson of Phoenix, AZ.

That got Sorenson — who has a degree in psychology and a career in sales — thinking about the value of thanking people for their business.

That, in turn, led to her founding Ewe-Nique Promotions. It sells $5-$50 customized “Thank-Ewe” gift packages for car dealers to give to their customers. Included in a care-care package are cans of tire dressing, carpet stain remover, car wash detergent, tar remover and a fleece wash mitt (where the “ewe” comes in).

She provides the packages to more than 50 dealerships. She says the gifts foster loyalty and good customer satisfaction scores.