NEW YORK – Land Rover North America's Richard Beattie, executive vice president-marketing and sales, confirms the Freelander will be called LR2 when it goes on sale next year.

The compact SUV is set to be unveiled at an auto show in the U.K. in July.

Contrary to belief, Beattie insists there is no significant parts sharing between the LR2 and the Jaguar X-Type.

Both vehicles will be built at Jaguar's Halewood, U.K., plant.

As for the possibility of an LR1, Beattie doesn't discount it, saying "At least we have the space for it," in reference to the auto maker's 5-model lineup.

The auto maker started the new nomenclature with the ’05 LR3 midsize premium SUV that was designed and engineered with U.S. buyers in mind. The LR3 is known as the Discovery 3 in other parts of the world.

Beattie has told Ward's the top-of-the-line Range Rover would not see a name change in the future to LR4.