Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd. says the last of its 230 production workers will be gone from the Adelaide assembly plant by the end of the year.

Employees at the closing facility, which had nearly 1,000 workers when full vehicle manufacturing ended in March, have been producing enough spare parts to support the locally built 380 sedan for 10 years.

A Mitsubishi Australia spokeswoman is quoted as saying the auto maker still is working through the process of selling the plant site.

“We have had considerable talks with the state government and local councils about what will happen with the site,” she tells reporters. “We continue to take input and listen to any concerns.”

It is increasingly unlikely the plant will be sold as a viable manufacturing operation, the spokeswoman says.

Consultants have been hired to study all options, including selling the factory as a whole or breaking up the land and selling the plant and equipment separately.