Are you having difficulty instantly finding a deal or deal status on the finance & insurance screens of your ADP computer?

A deal has a possibility of being in the F&I department, the sales manager's office or the accounting office. Once the deal is in the office, it could possibly be with the title clerk or finished and filed. Was the deal titled or plated? One store found a way to stop wasting valuable time trying to physically find the deal.

By expanding the features on their standard F&I screen, it is now possible to type in a customer's name, and know the exact location of the deal and the date it was titled or plated.

In addition to the original codes of "P" - Pending (F&I is still working), "B" - Booked (F&I finished deal) and "F" - Finalized (Office has posted deal to accounting), they added "O" - Office (deal is in accounting), "T" - Title (Title sent in the mail) and "PL" - Plates (Lease customer has been called to pick up plates).

With this system, two addition reports were created:

* "Pending Deal" to track old deals in F&I and also list of deals for audits.

* "Deals Not Titled" for an instant list of deals not titled or plated.