A 15-minute online interview with prospective employees is a first step toward finding the right people.

So says James R. Campbell, CEO of Fitability Systems, whose Dallas firm has developed such a web-based personality assessment service.

He says the on-line assessment and interviewing system, Fitability for Employers, offers “job matching” and selection tools.

“Companies seeking new employees can simply have them log onto the Internet and start doing ‘21st century H.R.’ over the web,” says Mr. Campbell.

Dealerships can outsource that on-line assessment system at www.fitability.com.

Mr. Campbell says the new system assists in predicting a candidate's job performance and satisfaction.

Based on five years of research and 130,000 participants, Fitability for Employers incorporates a library of more than 750 personality profiles and job descriptions.

These profiles provide employers with access to skill requirements, experience necessary, training and education, comparing their human capital to their selected job profiles.