Got a bundle to spend on a new car? Then this is for you. For everybody else, well, maybe you should ask the boss for a raise.

Fact is, more than a couple car companies are putting out new models which rival the cost of a house. We're not talking about a starter home.

Aston MartinFord’s little rich kid division – is rolling out a new “flagship” – the V12 Vanquish. Its sticker price is about $230,000. Yet Rob Elder, general manager of Aston Marton of Troy (MI) says his biggest problem is that he can't get enough of them.

Meanwhile, Mercedes Benz will introduce an ultra-luxury car, the Maybach. It will cost about $225,000. A Mercedes spokesman says potential buyers include monarchs, heads-of-state and super star celebrities.

Dennis Clements, the head of Lexus in the U.S., says he’d love to see his parent company develop a super flagship vehicle. It would “really compete with the Europeans,” he says.

Well, yes and no, because he envisions the car costing a mere $100,000.