Sun State Ford in Orlando, FL, is a beneficiary of pro golfer Craig Parry getting a new Ford GT for a Ford Championship win at Doral Golf Resort in Miami.

His playoff victory came from holing out with an amazing 176-yard eagle shot. He accepted the super car in the winner's circle in March, but his travel schedule prevents him from taking actual delivery until February. So he's having Sun State keep it until then.

“It's a marriage of convenience for us and Craig who lives around the corner,” says Ian Riding, a manager at the dealership owned by Paul Ohri. “He doesn't have to pay insurance for now and we get to display a vehicle that has yet to be shipped to or shown at any other dealership.”

Sun State Ford has roped off the GT for display in the middle of the showroom.

“The public interest in it has been amazing, almost more than needed, considering that some people want to sit in it, which is a big no-no,” says Riding. “But the floor traffic has been great. We've had three people offer to write $250,000 checks for it. We said, ‘You'll have to wait until we get ours.’”

Ford will produce about 1,500 units a year. Distribution is based on a system that rewards dealers for consistently delivering high customer-satisfaction numbers and sales results. For other Ford dealers, there's a lottery for a chance to get at least one '05 GT, a revived and modern version of a 1960s racer.

With a top speed of 205 miles per hour and an MSRP of $139,995, the 550-hp GT is Ford's fastest and most expensive production car.