Chevrolet will keep the Lumina around at least another year, despite the overlap with the new Impala.

There remains a small retail demand for the Lumina but the more important factor is fleet popularity, Don Parkinson, Monte Carlo brand manager, says at the launch of the new Monte Carlo in Chicago.

With Lumina satisfying the fleet demand, Impala fleet sales will be kept low, he says. The Impala will begin selling alongside the Lumina in April with a May advertising push.

The Monte Carlo, which shares a platform with the Impala, will begin hitting dealers in July with an August launch. Both are '00 models.

The new Monte Carlo borrows styling from early 1970s models, right down to a heritage Monte Carlo “knight” emblem in the grille instead of a Chevy bowtie.

The new Monte Carlo offers a standard 3.4L V-6 with an available 3.8L V-6 (standard on SS models). Among innovative design offerings: the door rings are a single unit, eliminating a number of welds and improving fit and finish; the dash uses the General Motors Corp. trademarked MagBeam magnesium instrument panel foundation to reduce vibrations; aluminum is used for the engine cradle to cut weight.

Monte Carlo output is expected to run at 75,000-80,000 units per year.