If two headquarters beat one, then three must be better still. That appears to be the thinking of DaimlerChrysler AG Chief Executive Juergen Schrempp, who is said to be mulling a third "virtual" headquarters in New York. DC is looking to lease up to five floors in the appropriately named Chrysler Building and kick in another $5 million for renovations. About 100 employees would staff the operations, which would be charged with handling legal matters and investor and public relations. The new digs also would allow Mr. Schrempp to indulge a penchant for the Big Apple by having the management board meet there twice a month. All this when DC is aiming to cut $2.4 billion in costs at its two existing headquarters. German labor union officials fear as many as 2,000 layoffs would result in Germany over a 2-year period. U.S. staff reductions are also expected, albeit through attrition, rather than layoffs.