Malaysian new-vehicle sales in February climbed 18.9% to 38,587 units from 31,284 prior-year, but marked a 15.7% decline from January deliveries of 45,828.

Passenger-car sales rose 24.8% to 35,474 from year-ago, the Malaysian Automotive Assn. says in a statement.

“Sales for March are expected to be better, as compared to February, due to a full working month and the introduction of new models,” the MAA says.

Malaysian sales in the year’s first two months were up 27.2% to 84,415 units from 66,331 in like-2007. Of the total, passenger-car deliveries accounted for 35,474 units and commercial vehicles, 3,113.

February vehicle production increased to 41,808 units from prior-year’s 25,686 and was comprised of 38,056 passenger cars and 3,752 commercial vehicles.

Year-to-date output jumped 60.8% to 88,275 units from 54,866 in like-2007 and included 81,216 passenger cars and 7,059 commercial vehicles.