Manheim Auctions opened the doors of a brand-new facility in Las Vegas, marking the beginning of a new era for Manheim's Greater Las Vegas Auto Auction.

Located at 3225 South Hollywood Blvd., the Greater Las Vegas Auto Auction has grown from a 10-acre location to 42 acres. The expansion will allow the auction to more than double its current business.

With the addition of an extra lane, the new facility now has six lanes that allow nearly 1,000 units to run per sale, with the capacity to run much more.

The dealer parking area has expanded from a quarter-acre lot to four acres. With only a portion of the land currently utilized, the new Greater Las Vegas Auto Auction plans to expand the facility with more lanes and dealer parking and amenities such as a reconditioning facility in the future.

"We are excited about the new challenges a bigger, better facility brings," says Greater Las Vegas Auto Auction General Manager Greg Lawson. "Our new auction will make it possible for us to meet the strong dealer demand for quality used vehicles in this region."

To celebrate the grand opening, employees from the Greater Las Vegas Auto Auction held a black-tie event showcasing the top-notch facility. With more than 500 guests in attendance, Manheim christened the new facility with champagne, dinner, strolling magicians and guided tours of the facility to entertain the evening's guests.

The following day, the auction ran a successful commemorative sale at the new location.

"We experienced a record-breaking sale as 380 dealers bought 61% of the 974 registered vehicles," says Mr. Lawson.

Manheim Auctions operates 126 auctions, and last year auctioned more than 7 million vehicles.