More MBS Coverage TRAVERSE CITY, MI – Frank Ewasyshyn, Chrysler Group executive vice president-manufacturing, will leave the Management Briefing Seminars here with an unusual addition to his trophy case.

He has been presented with a marble camel, the Manufacturing Leadership Award that recognizes the importance of advancing the manufacturing industry and improving quality of life.

The award was established in 1999 by the S. M. Wu Foundation that was founded in memory of the late Prof. Sam Wu, who devoted his life to research and teaching manufacturing science and engineering at the University of Michigan.

Frank Ewasyshyn, Chrysler Group executive vice president-manufacturing, with award.

Ewasyshyn, who has spent 29 years in manufacturing at Chrysler, lauds Wu for having the courage to research basic manufacturing – making holes with a twist drill – which has had tremendous impact on the automotive industry, given the number of holes in any given vehicle.

“Every single car that DaimlerChrysler builds has a piece of Sam in it,” Ewasyshyn says, especially the doors.

Wu's widow describes the choice of the camel, hardly a beloved animal, for its ability to persevere under harsh conditions with little food or water, carrying the burdens of the caravan to its destination with plodding leadership.

Ewasyshyn playfully throws in a few additional characteristics: nasty disposition and the tendency to spit and kick.

Past winners include Fujio Cho, president of Toyota Motor Corp.; Robert A. Lutz, as president of Chrysler Corp.; and Gary L. Cowger, group vice president-global manufacturing and labor relations, at General Motors Corp.