Mazda Motor Corp. says it has updated its Premacy (Mazda5) lineup in Japan, with all front-wheel-drive models getting a 5-speed automatic transmission, among other changes (4-wheel-drive models retain a 4-speed automatic).

The new gearbox, as well as the expansion of sequential valve timing to all trim levels, will provide improved power and fuel efficiency, the auto maker says.

All FWD models equipped with Mazda’s 2.0L MZR engine qualify for Japan’s Green Tax exemptions, as they achieve 10% better mileage than the 2010 fuel-economy standards in the country.

Other changes include an updated suspension, as well as styling changes, such as a new front end with updated headlights and light-emitting diode indicator lights on door mirrors for premium trims.

Inside, the Premacy’s instrument panel has been redesigned and re-configured, and color and seat fabric is now unique to a particular grade, Mazda says.

Pricing for the new Premacy, on sale today in Japan, ranges from ¥1,768,000 ($15,534) to ¥2,355,000 ($20,691). Mazda plans to sell 1,800 units per month of the updated multipurpose vehicle.